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Sun Oct 23 14:23:07 MDT 1994

     Call for papers for the MID-SOUTH PHILOSOPHY CONFERENCE

     The University of Memphis, February 24-25, 1995

     The 19th annual Mid-South Philosophy Conference is scheduled for
Friday afternoon and Saturday, February 24-25, at The University of
Memphis (formerly, Memphis State University).  Papers on any topic of
philosophic interest are welcomed.  Papers are limited to 30 minutes
reading time (normally, 12 double-spaced pages).  Send TWO copies to:

                      Dr. J. M. Fritzman
                      Department of Philosophy
                      Northern Illinois University
                      DeKalb, IL 60115-2854

     Papers must be submitted by JANUARY 15, 1995.  Papers will be
reviewed by a committee.  Notification of acceptance will be made in
late January.  We will have commentators for each paper.  Those
interested in being commentators should notify Dr. Fritzman no later
than February 5 of availability and areas of competence.  His telephone
number is:  (815) 758-7761.

     Professor JOHN J. MCDERMOTT of Texas A & M University will be the
keynote speaker.  Funding for the keynote speaker is provided by a
generous grant from The University of Memphis Center for the Humanities,
directed by Professor Thomas Nenon.

     We will be running sessions parallel to the eighth annual
University of Memphis Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.  Please
encourage your students to attend and/or submit papers to that

     Professor Nenon will make arrangements for us at local hotels.  He
also is working with the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference.  If you
have questions concerning it, or about the arrangements in Memphis,
write him at the Department of Philosophy, The University of Memphis,
Memphis, TN 38152.  His telephone number is:  (901) 678-3516.

     The Mid-South Philosophy Conference is supported and underwritten
by the Philosophy Department and Center for the Humanities of The
University of Memphis, and by the Philosophy Department and Institute of
Liberal Arts of Oklahoma City University.

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