Mon Oct 24 09:56:07 MDT 1994

I would also recommend Stephen Jay Gould's, "Mismeasure of Man."
While not explicitly marxist, it nevertheless provides an incredible
amount of information about the rise of social darwinism, biological
determinism, and eugenics.  Unfortunately, the anthropology
department at this university doesn't seem to agree much with Gould's
theories.  Enjoy!

Scott McNabb
Department of Economics
University of Utah

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> I just picked up James Lawler's IQ, Heritability and Racism--a Marxist
> critique of the theory and method of IQ testing.  I look forward to reading
> it--I suppose this is the same James Lawler who has posted on Lenin's
> theory of planning.  Lawler seems to be applying the critique of positivism
> to IQ testing.  He  cites the Hoffmann book, from which I quoted in my last
> post.  I look forward to reading it.
> jb


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