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Wed Oct 26 19:33:39 MDT 1994

You that same Justin Schwartz who contemptuously dismissed the FIT when
they were stupid enough to fuse with Solidarity as a bunch
of Trotskyists whose discourse for the "American scene" is hopelessly
outdated?  You and your curious ideas about Marx not believin the
falling rate of profit and about the oxymoron of "market socialism" are of
course welcome here.  I myself just arrived.  But please check your sectariansim
and your eagerness to force us all to talk like Time magazine at the door
I got my fill of that in the "left-l" list-serve, "building a non-democratic
left, which I just vacated.  I'm a believer in FRP, centralized as well
as decentralized planning, Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution and united
fronts, and a host of other innovations that brilliant comrade
and his friend Lenin developed, and
Luxemburg's critique of his and Lenin's outrageous behavior during the
Russian Revolution.  I'm damn proud of it, and I'll say whatever the f@#%
I want to say here


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