The Hayek critique

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Wed Oct 26 20:11:22 MDT 1994


I apologize for the message you got from me before this one.  It's just that
I'm really sick and tired of the sectarianism-parading-as-non-sectarianism which
I have seen in groups like solidarity, and which I think you displayed
in your reactions to the FIT which I read. I have been dying to ask you, how
you can justify such an attitude.  I was in Solidarity for four years. and
I truly and sincerely hate it.  I hate the priggish  belief that history and
theory are bunk, that the only really important people to talk to are in the
DSA, that leaders have the right to stay in the leadership and on the
editorial board permanently, and that the "partisan nd self-styled left,"
as you yourself term them, people like myself, who are still interested
in that dreaded thing called "orthodoxy,," are idiots and should be banned
from whatever group one happens to be in.

I am dying to dialogue you rather than hate you.  If you don't want to, fine.

You said LTV I said FRP.  They are very much related, and I'm into them
both.  I'd like to see a serious critique from you, not just that they're
both old, or that they fail to talk in Time Magazine Americaneze.  The
all-mighty tyranny of the present. . . .!

As for critiques of market capitallism and market socialism, I know of
one very powerful writer: he is David McNally, and he has written a new book:
Against the Market.  This shows that you can't have the market without
capitalism, because the much vaunted rationality of the market is predicated
on the commodification and thus exploitation of labor.  You can tinker all
you want with market socialist schemes: I don't see how you can get around this
critique.  Far better to start talking about decentralized socialist planning
to offset centralism: hippie technology and planning as experienced now
in the non-profit sector within which I work (within the "committee itself, of
course), than to fool around with an institution that is inherently



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