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Wed Oct 26 20:17:57 MDT 1994

On Wed, 26 Oct 1994 tgs at wrote:

> You that same Justin Schwartz who contemptuously dismissed the FIT when
> they were stupid enough to fuse with Solidarity as a bunch
> of Trotskyists whose discourse for the "American scene" is hopelessly
> outdated?

Guilty as charged, although I didn't mean to be contemptuous, and I don't
think the former FIT comrades were stupid to do what they did. I doubt
that it will change your mind, but Alan Wald has a piece on the end of
American Trotskyism in Against the Current 53 (Nov.-Dec. 1994) which
states better than I could many of the reasons why I think Trotskyism is
now of mainly historical interest. This isn't to dismiss the old man and
his work in toto; on the contrary.

  You and your curious ideas about Marx not believing the
> falling rate of profit

No. I think Marx thought there was a tendency for the rate of profit to
fall. My heterodox view is that Marx thinks the labor theory of value is
false; less heretically, that he was right to dismiss it.

> and about the oxymoron of "market socialism"

Well, we can argue about that.

 are of
> course welcome here.  I myself just arrived.  But please check your sectariansim

I'd check if if I could find it. I thought a sectarian was one who thought
his sect had all the answers and anyone who disagrees is an idiot or a
counterrevolutionary. My "sect," Solidarity, doesn't agree with me; I
myself don't think I have all the answers, and I like Solidarity in part
because it doesn't think it does. And I welcome all scientific criticism,
in the words of an old German political economist.

> and your eagerness to force us all to talk like Time magazine

Not like Time. But in plain English, please!

> at the door
> I got my fill of that in the "left-l" list-serve, "building a non-democratic
> left, which I just vacated.  I'm a believer in FRP, centralized as well
> as decentralized planning, Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution and united
> fronts, and a host of other innovations that brilliant comrade
> and his friend Lenin developed, and
> Luxemburg's critique of his and Lenin's outrageous behavior during the
> Russian Revolution.

I'm tempted to say Bully for You. But I'll say just this: persuade me of
your views! I have no better friends than those who correct my mistakes.

>  I'm damn proud of it, and I'll say whatever the f@#%
> I want to say here

Far be it from me to try to shut you up. But I think a certain degree of
civility is constructive in political and intellectual debate, don't you?

--Justin Schwartz


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