Working class and marginal groups

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> Whatever the validity of Negri's concept, it might be interesting to
> examine Manuel Castell's work on the CENTRAL role of such marginal groups, traditionally
> thought to be "outside" the working class, in all the great "working class
> revolutions of the last two centuries.

Could you say some more about Castell and his analysis?  How and why does
he consider marginal groups (which ones in particular?) to have been
central to the great working class revolutions (again, which ones?) and
how does that inform his analysis of non-revolutionary situations?

Generally, I think, I appreciate references to other books and resources
etc., but this can tend to close down debate: why not open it up?  I
don't automatically reach to the library with many of the sources I am
offered on the internet, unless I am persuaded by posters' arguments that
these are worth looking into.  Half the time, when people recommend books
that I know and have read, I tend to disagree with their recommendations.

So what about a more general debate (invoking and describing analyses
garnered from Negri, Castell or whomever) about the relation between the
working class and "marginal groups" and how either are to be defined?


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