Negri, Crisis-State

Alex Trotter uburoi at
Thu Oct 27 12:02:35 MDT 1994

I don't have deep familiarity with Negri's work--just _Marx Beyond Marx_,
but my understanding of it from that book is that it refers to the effort
of the state to forcibly reinstate the connection between work and wages
in a time when the proletariat (in Negri's expanded definition) is
shifting the class struggle away from the workplace and toward direct
appropriation throughout society (refusal of work, refusal to pay rents or
fares, etc.) The "crisis-state" is the successor to the "planning-state"
associated with the Keynesian era. The crisis in question is apparently
the crisis of Keynesianism. What I'm not clear about is whether this term
is supposed to refer to all capitalist states in our time, or
specifically to the chaotic Italian state responding to the autonomist
movement in that country. If it refers especially to Italy, then I
guess it entails the sponsorship by the state of terrorism (whether
"left" or "right") as a diversionary measure.
	Also, the term "social worker" that Negri uses
seems unfortunate to me (or maybe it's the translation) because it puts
one in mind of the bureaucrats we know as social workers.

--Alex Trotter


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