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On Wed, 26 Oct 1994 tgs at wrote:

> You that same Justin Schwartz who contemptuously dismissed the FIT when
> they were stupid enough to fuse with Solidarity as a bunch
> of Trotskyists whose discourse for the "American scene" is hopelessly
> outdated?

[stuff deleted]

Again, I hope that disputes on the list can be used to broaden rather
than narrow debate.  I didn't understand half of the terms or the stakes
of this exchange between Justin and tgs (sorry, haven't got your name for
the moment).  I am glad that you have both decided to "dialogue" rather
than to maintain the above tone of hostility, but still the point of the
list is not dialogue between a limited number of people (though at times
it can be productive to watch that kind of thing going on) but hopefully
a multi-faceted and more inclusive discussion.

So can you broaden this debate a little further?


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