Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Thu Oct 27 12:46:30 MDT 1994

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994, Jonathan P. Beasley-Murray wrote:

> On Wed, 26 Oct 1994 tgs at wrote:
> > You that same Justin Schwartz who contemptuously dismissed the FIT when
> > they were stupid enough to fuse with Solidarity as a bunch
> > of Trotskyists whose discourse for the "American scene" is hopelessly
> > outdated?
> [stuff deleted]
> Again, I hope that disputes on the list can be used to broaden rather
> than narrow debate.  I didn't understand half of the terms or the stakes
> of this exchange between Justin and tgs (sorry, haven't got your name for
> the moment).  I am glad that you have both decided to "dialogue" rather
> than to maintain the above tone of hostility, but still the point of the
> list is not dialogue between a limited number of people (though at times
> it can be productive to watch that kind of thing going on) but hopefully
> a multi-faceted and more inclusive discussion.
> So can you broaden this debate a little further?

Tom and I have made up. He was mad at me, or thought he was, for reasons
connecting to the personal history of our mutual involvement in
Solidarity, a group I belong to and to which Tom used to. It wasn't of
general interest, believe me. We went bilateral and worked out terms on
which we can interact fruitfully in ways that will benefit the list. The
real political issues between us will be aired in a civil and constructive

--Justin Schwartz


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