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Thu Oct 27 21:17:15 MDT 1994

Nah, I'm just kind of sorry for the outburst.  But maybe we can talk about
Trotskyism more publicly.  I said to Justin in private, I think there's
much about it that makes sense, and much about it that sucks.  The part
that sucks, in a book like Terrorism and Communism, let's say, is where
he defends as common sense his own betrayal of every democratic principle
of classical Marxism in the name of a false sense of expediency, that two
wrongs make a right, and that all talk of democratic ideals is just abstract
natural law bunk.  The part that I really like is where he talks about how
all political structures in the modern age have been thoroughly corrupted
by imperialism, and this includes the middle classes as well.  There is also
some wonderful stuff here about how the possibilities for revolution in any
one place, cannot be viewed simply in terms of the "balance of forces" in
that place, (Haiti, for example, as so many of my left-liberal friends are
arguing in order to justify support for the US's continued presence there:
"what's your alternative?") but instead in terms that rebellion in one place
might lead toward momentum toward revolution everywhere (there are haitians
all along the eastern seabord who could bring tremendous pressure to bear
on the US to stay out if the Haiti-haitians kicked them and their junta out;
the revolution could spread to the Dominican republic, and elsewhere in
Latin American, etc.)

NOw that's something to debate, isn't it!


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