Trouble in Cyberspace: PLEASE READ

Jonathan P. Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Fri Oct 28 14:11:08 MDT 1994

Dear All,

You may have heard that World (the system from which the marxism list is
run--among many others) has decided to start charging a monthly fee for
e-mail lists.

The first thing we want to say is that this list will definitely and
beyond any doubt continue to operate, and if it needs to be moved to
another server then we will try to make the transition as smooth and
undisruptive as humanly possible.  This applies to this list and to the
other lists owned by Spoon (see below).

The options we are contemplating are:

- Staying with World and coming up with the money.
  Up to now, there was no charge at all for list ownership.
  The current new price is $5 per list, plus $5 for every 500
  subscribers. They are also talking about unspecified
  volume charges in the future.  We estimate that the cost of
  running a list may turn out to be up to $50 per month.
  In addition to the fact that the Spooners are all relatively
  poor, we are also reluctant to be in a position where we
  in some sense "own" the discussions on our lists.  One
  option would be to do fundraising among subscribers.  We
  are extremely unhappy with this prospect, but are
  contemplating it.

- Buying our own computer.  Hmmm.  Ho ho ho.

- Finding a place where we could continue the lists for free.
  This is clearly the most desirable of all the present options.
  If you are connected to any place that might be willing to
  house our lists, we hereby ardently solicit your help.

If you have any ideas, please post them to me (jpb8 at  If
you want to discuss the implications and possibilities of the current
situation, I would suggest that, rather than occupy the marxism list with
such a discussion, you s**scribe to the list "spoon-announcements" by
sending the message "s**scribe spoon-announcements youraddress" to
majordomo at

Let us continue with business as normal on the marxism list in the meantime.

This announcement applies to the following lists:



Jon, on behalf of

- The Spoon Collective


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