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Fri Oct 28 22:09:10 MDT 1994

You have already the essential feature of the transitional program: that it
lies in between the realm of the abstract state and of its shadow play of
bourgeois parties, for whom we should not vote for, and the realm of economism.
Basic trade union demands.  the transitional program accomplishes Gramsci's taks
of fusing the political with the econmic WITHIN SOCIETY, and uniting the
class, lifting it from the "economo-corporate" (economism) to the terrain
of the political.

The demands themselves, proposed in the thirties, may grow out of date.
Capitalism does acquire indeed flexibility.  What is important is the method.
We pose demands that are eminently reasonable, yet fall far short of what
capitalism can give us or is giving us.  We thus build awareness of the
irrationalities of capitalism, and what socialism would should could look
like, on a gut level.

My friend Jack Barbaro in the COC (formerly CP) tells me that 30 for 40
is out of date: we could get away with 10 for 40, I think he said.  Why not
if it's technically feasible: THAT'S THE QUESTION we pose to the workers!


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