general strike in Italy (fwd)

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Fri Oct 28 21:58:41 MDT 1994

Another "hot autumn" in the works?

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Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 19:25:55 +0200
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Subject: general strike in Italy

  ciao Jamal (and hi to everybody else of course :>)
     what you hear is right. The strike was really total and involved
around the 80/85% of italian workers. People in marches in 90 italian
cities were around 3 millions. And it had an effect too: the law about
changing some of italian pensionistic system has bee modified by the
goverment; and the trade unions, which don't think the modification
is enough, are organizing another general strike in November.
The fact that people altogether can make the goverment change idea
about something is very important; it is sad, though, that ppl are
involved only when their money-welfare risks being touched. It is
quite clear thatwe could change lotsa things if we weren't so selfish.
Anyway, your point about the media's help to make effective a strike
is true. But not always: in Italy 3 tv stations, a bunch of newspapers and
the most important book publisher is a property of the prime minister.
if you consider that teh goverment is responsible for other 3 tv channels
you see that the media power of the government coalition is huge.
Nevertheless the strike had success and i wonder where the ppl who gave
to the gov'ment the 39% of votes went. I already knew we are a
contradictory ppl, but this is getting ridiculous.



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