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|I find one of the strands of what you're arguing a bit censorial. I'm hip
|to what the other person said about manual vs. mental labor, though
|I don't know I would get that analytical or angry.  I just think you
|ought to reexamine this strand, because you're depriving yourself. All
|the thinkers you mentioned have their dark side: Gramsci's totallitarianism,
|FS's support for the Vietnam War, Luxemburg's attack upon nationalism too much;
|etc.  Why write off Trotsky only.
|There is much more to Trotsky than you give him credit: he is not simply
|an anti-Stalinist.  Just from what you are saying, you reveal I think the
|problems of ignoring him.  When you mention that what we should do in
|this country is not be in the Democrats yet organize ourselves, and also about
|not knowing how to organize the working class cohesively as a whole.Well, that's
|a perspective that Soidarity holds (at the risk of people now saying, yea,
|yea, talk about Solidarity, and turning this into a cock fight again).
|What they're missing is perhaps the central legacy of Trotskyism: the
|transitional method and program, which has nothing to do with the Stallinist
|era per se, specifically.  The transitional demand--30 for 40, full employment
|sliding scales of hours and wages, workers' militias to defend against
|fascism--pose demands which are eminently reasonable, yet which at the
|capitalists must ultimately balk.  PLUS it unites the class as a whole.
|This makes for much more of a radical politics than simply not being in the
|democratic party.  It provides a focus for mass struggle within society
|rather than merely at the level of abstract party pollitics.
|Another point: it is not sufficient to just say, let's find an expert on
|the Carribean.  With what theory will your Carribean theorist be endowed:
|an internationalilst revolutionary one, or a pessimistic, "realist," one, boudn
|to national boundaries.
|But being afraid of being interrupted by call waiting, I shall talk about
|other, still relevant features of Trotskuysm at a later time

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