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Sat Oct 29 15:47:50 MDT 1994

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994 tgs at wrote:

> Justin,
> I want to get back into the list-serv (HI folks, Justin and I have made up
> and I've apologized again) with a discussion of youor idea that it's on
> me
> to prove that planning will work.  I think that's the wrong way of
> going about it.  First we must understand that the market is akin to
> a disease, with an essentially  corrosive effect on human society, by
> its very nature, as McNally indicates.  This can only be accepted if you
> acept such ideas as the LTV and the Falling Rate of profit, for which I will
> argue later.  In any case, one would not say to one's doctor, if one was
> dying of what looks like an ALMOST incurable disease these days:" Oh well,
> this other patient I heard about, although he took a completely contorted
> version of your remedy, died from your remedy.  Why don't we just see if
> we can tinker around a bit more with the disease, to see if I can live
> on IT as my guiding corporeal principle"

Even if markets are bad that is no argument aginst them if planning is
worse. As Bob Dylan once said, That's like saying if you got a cold,
take a shot of malaria. But enough analogies. Pro-planners, these days,
have the burden of proof. You might want to sign back on left-l and see my
debate with Brian about the calculation problem. So far we've just been
reprising old stuff, but it's still good stuff. I do want to be persuadsed
that Mises and Hayek were wrong. Won't somebody help me out here?

--Justin Schwartz


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