Nietzsche and Marx

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Sun Oct 30 06:50:35 MST 1994

See Karl Loewith (I think that's the name, umlaut instead of oe), From
Hegel to Nietzsche; Marshall Berman, Everything Solid Melts Into Air;
possibly Ernst Cassirer, The Problem of Knowledge. What about Haydn
White's Metahistory (which I think is not very good)?

It's odd. There ought to be more on the topic. Hegel, Marx and Nietzsche
is a pretty standard 19th C history of philosophy course. I've taught it
myself. Bryan, if you ruin into Fritjhof Bergmann, you might ask him for


On Sat, 29 Oct 1994, D. Alex Neilson wrote:

> > I introduce this topic for personal reasons - partly.  I am a graduate
> > student working on literary theory and historicism.  Consequently I spend
> > quite a bit of time working on Marx and Marxists.  I also work with
> > Nietzsche and folks strongly influenced by Nietzsche, such as Bataille and
> > Deleuze+Guattari.  My mind is beginning to calve and operate on two
> > different planes.  I tried to remedy this with a cursory search of texts
> > dealing with both writers.  Aside from grumblings about "the masters of
> > suspicion" I have found very little with which to work.  Several questions
> > arise:
> > 	-why is the juncture so difficult to make - and so often ignored?
> > 	-*are* there any good texts that consider both writers?
> >
> > --Bryan N. Alexander a/k/a Bryan Case a/k/a godwin at
> Here's one book you ought to look at:
>   Author: Love, Nancy Sue, 1954-
>    Title: Marx, Nietzsche, and modernity / Nancy S. Love.
>  Impr/Ed: New York : Columbia University Press, 1986.
> Location: Leavey - Book Stacks, B3305.M74L67 1986
>           Philosophy - Book Stacks, B3305.M74L67 1986
> Alex Neilson


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