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> What little I remember of my reading from Hayek: he assumes that all planning
> must be centralized.  He quotes Laski saying at the time that parliament
> must become a dictatorship (assumedly run by the communist party).  I think
> he therefore suffers from the same strawman fallacy as those who would
> conclude that the Bolshevik example proves planning to have failed.
> Is there something mathematical tHat Hayek said that I don't know about?
> Please share with me exactly what you mean by the Hayek critique?
> Tom

Yes, I was CWP. Sorry to hear what became of Phil; I'm not surprised
through. Still, it was a good outfit.

Finkel will have, as far as I know, no say in the new publication.
Incidentally neither he nor anyone else not previously on the BIDOM board
exercizes any control over that one. Please note, though. The new
publication will be popular in tone and style: articles should be short
and accessible and not presume too much background. You can write to it
under its current name at Independent Politics, PO Box 55247, Hayward CA
94545-0247, Ph/fax 510 430 1983.

Or did you want my address? Justin Schwartz, 75 E. Oakland Ave. Columbus, OH

Hayek never wrote anything mathematical. Look up the Calculation Debate
thread on left-l if you're lazy, or for a summary see Scott Arnold's Karl
Marx's Radical Critique of Capitalist Society (Oxford UP, 1990), 243-63.
Hayek and Mises did think planning had to be centralized, but
decentralization won't help. The main problems with planning are that the
planners have to to know to much and that they can't get or use accurate
information. If there are many as opposed to few planners the problems is
amplified rather than diminished.

I'm not such a fan of the Commune Style system you advocate either for an
organization or for a society. Seperation of powers seems a good idea to
me for the reasons stated in the Federalist.



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