LTV, Working class (fwd)

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Sun Oct 30 10:08:20 MST 1994

I think this is OK to go on line with.

Mandel and McNally have both written critiques of the "we can't have enough
information" line.  The capitalists themselves now plan how they stock their
distributors vis centralized planning with decentralized inputs.  As for
their being too many planners in a decentralized system, or even too many
inputs, this is basically Hobbes-warmed over.  that is to say: only if you
posit human beings as being incapable of meeting together and establishing
some consensus via majority decision-making in popular assemblies, only if
you think of us as inherently striving for power after power and a-social
and a-moral and inherently competitive do you come up with this notion that
too many cooks spoil the broth.  But man's political and both social nature,
as Aristotle discusses in the Politics and Marx in the Grundrisse, is the
basis for positing the possibility of any kind of socialism.

Separation of Powers?! Absolutely between the judiciary and the executive bodies.
But when you argue for the presidential style of government as proposed by
the Federalists, you're pushing the bourgeois style.  I'm not into the great-man
Napoleonic let's get things done by the experts and not worry too much about
what the legislature or the people have to say strategy.  It's undemocratic
and elitist.


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