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Sun Oct 30 07:19:38 MST 1994

I get the feeling is supposed to put me to shame, or something, It's cute,
but also assumes that I accept your chaos theory, or will drop everything
the minute I hear about it, as should everyone else in the universe.
I had a roommate once who was into it: he stole my lamps and then tossed
me across the kitchen table. (Hey, anytime's a good time for chaos, right?)
"Chaos" is a cover contemporary cynicism, which I detest.  If you want a good
view of chaos and its political implications, look at Franz Neumann's BEHEMOTH,

Finally, there's a wonderful Superboy episode ( do hope that a certain dis
will make these available at some point) about chaos.  There's this character
callling himself chaos who goes careening around the city in his jeep,
destroying everything, and then yelling, "See, that proves my point, everything
is chaos."  i.e., it's a self-fulfilling prophesy.  We can either join
Ahab and meet our doom, or join with Queequeng and Ishmael and finding
loving communist community among ourselves.  I would serioulsy suggest
listening to the Rascals, the Association, and the Beatles, especially
"Every Little thing she does."  Cheer the hell up, and abandon these nihilistic
horseshit fantasies.


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