the meaning of "objectivism"?

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        > And that is precisely why those who _accumulate_ capital are most
        > those who are afraid of the ones who _produce_ capital; in short, the
        > bosses have forgotten how to produce capital and are now afraid of
        > own workers.  Let us see the CEO of GE change a lightbulb before
        > him a hero.
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This is as good a place as any to alert all of you who don't already know that
we can save Michael "Roger & Me" Moore's "TV Nation" (if you haven't seen it,
imagine the pre-CBS (i.e., still funny) Dave Letterman hosting "60 Minutes"; if
you HAVE seen it, "I need a ride"--in joke, all you non-fans) by sending
messages of support to

            TVNATN at

If you never saw it during its six-week NBC run, you must try--your mere
presence on this list indicates that you will enjoy it.  He's a refreshing
alternative to the corporate-held,  Ted "I like Pat Buchanan" Turner-owned
(anyone know what Jane thinks of that?), Wildmon-intimidated, boycott-fearing,
Rush-loving, shock-jock-lionizing, almost-uniformly-conservative-panel-
organizing (yet somehow liberal-biased, according to the Grossmans of the
world) media, and he's funny and irreverent, too.  Yeah, our enjoyment of his
show might single-handedly lead to a dystopian future where we all work in safe
environments, have health care and are free from exploitation by greedy bosses,
but hey, we can't know any better, being socialist hippies.

The entertainer formerly known as "Ray Misra"


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