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I have a chapter on Wakefield in my book, Classical Political Economy, Primitive
Accumulation and the Social Division of Labor.  I have completely rewritten the
book and that part is improved greatly, although I just found some more
information, which is forcing me to redraft that chapter again before it goes
into publication.
> By way of introduction: I'm NorM Feltes, recently (early) retired professor
> of English at York University, Toronto. Part of my reason for retiring early
> was to work on a project to do with ideologies of settlement in 19th C. Upper
> Canada (Ontario). In Capital, Vol I, (Penguin, 1976) Marx talks about Edward
> Gibbon Wakefield's scheme of "systematic colonization" (pp.932-40). \Can
> anyone tell me 1) if and where Marx discusses Wakefield elsewhere, and 2) are
> there any critiques of Marx on Wakefield? Thanks.
> Norm Feltes \		

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