Mon Sep 5 12:37:56 MDT 1994

     In 1980, Ayn Rand voiced her opposition to those who
used the name of "Objectivism" for their own "philosophical
hodgepodge."  She wrote that these people are "guilty of the
fraudulent presumption of trying to put thoughts into MY
brain . . . I chose the name `Objectivism' at a time when my
philosophy was beginning to be known and some people were
starting to call themselves `Randists.'"  Rand suggests a
spiritual affinity with Marx on this issue.  She remembers
that, upon hearing the "outrageous statements" made by some
of his "Marxist" followers, Marx exclaimed:  "`But I am not a

     I ask the participants to this forum to please take
these observations into account when reading the
contributions of self-proclaimed "Objectivists" who might be
better described as either "Randists" or "Randroids."
Objectivism IS a philosophical system; but its meaning and
significance can be interpreted in vastly different ways.
The views that have been expressed in this forum by such a
self-proclaimed "Objectivist," are not representative of the
genuinely critical and thoughtful contributions of Rand.
People on both the right and the left CAN gain useful
insights from studying Rand's works, and should not avoid her
thought simply because it is presented in one-dimensional

                              - Chris

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