Philip Goldstein pgold at
Tue Sep 13 04:51:55 MDT 1994

	Thanks to Rust Gilbert for the inquiry about where Laclau and
Mouffe say that there is an alternative to capitalism. I said that they
deny this alternative, so I can't answer the inquiry. Thanks to Andy for
pointing out my mistake about Laclau and Mouffe's origins -- they were
not born British.
	Thanks also to Jon Beasley-Murray for pointing out that he was
merely observing that the left does not believe in revolution anymore and
not lamenting the fact. What about the fragmentation that you mention,
Jon? Is that an observable fact too or is it a desire for a unified
movement, centered on a traditional Marxist faith in revolution and
harmonious communist future?
	Thanks also to Fassbinder, who takes so much pleasure in bashing
academic Marxists. I am glad to see that someone has found a space above
the crude level of commodity production, where there is no need to sell
one's ideas or one's self, where the truth of one's views and ideas will
be so self-evident and manifest,especially to those disgusted with the
capitalist system and, hence, already persuaded, that one has merely to
state these views to get them accepted.
        I would resume the discussion of Marxists in academia, but the
last discussion ended up in a debate about whether or not statistics are
inherently biased, a discouraging result considering that the discussion
really raises issues, I think, about the status of intellectuals in our
contemporary culture.
Philip Goldstein


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