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Tue Sep 13 10:47:15 MDT 1994

	Thanks also to Goldstein, who misses the point entirely about the
commodity functioning of academic production.  NOBODY in this business
has found a space above
the crude level of commodity production, where there is no need to sell
one's ideas or one's self, where the truth of one's views and ideas will
be so self-evident and manifest,especially to those disgusted with the
capitalist system and, hence, already persuaded, that one has merely to
state these views to get them accepted.

as Goldstein so sarcastically comments.  Of course I am out to sell my own
ideas -- would I be getting a PhD (would I have access to a modem?) if I
weren't?  The "truth-gaming" function of ideas here is irrelevant to their
commodity-function except to LEGITIMATE it, the same way use-value
legitimates exchange-value.  Goldstein here implies that I claim to have
found a pure use-value for my ideas; that's nonsense.

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Department of Communication
Ohio State University
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