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Goldstein continues:

Another example of sub-rational, perceptual Marxism is the above appeal to
_only_ the self-evident. In tribal culture, the concrete tribal tradition is
taken for granted and no one asks "why." Equality of stupidity.

One way of advertising one's own "rational" Marxism as superior to mere
"perceptual" Marxism is to disparage the other guy's Marxism.  In the world
of marketing this is called brand competition.  There are only so many
dollars in the world going to soft drinks, so Coke and Pepsi must compete.
In the world of academic Marxism, one also looks to put out a competitive
product; there are only so many dollars to go around toward the consumption
of Marxism, so we need advertising to orient consumers toward the correct
product and away from the incorrect product.  This is the "concrete tribal
tradition" so famed in academic culture; turf wars.  And nobody here yet has
asked why.

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