Chris,Juan and Value

Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU
Wed Sep 14 17:02:48 MDT 1994

Dear Chris,
This will be a brief comment, because of other time commitments.

Please stop writing such things as "you seem to have missed the point
concerning the non-commodity aspects of labour completely". I haven't:
I simply interpret them in a different fashion to you and Juan. To you,
they are the explanation as to why labour-power and only labour-power
is the source of surplus. To me, as I explain in my thesis (though not
in the two papers, for the usual reasons of editorial space), that
is the explanation as to why the payment to labour will normally EXCEED
the value of the commodity labour sells.

Trying to explain these kinds of arguments over email is, I think, a
waste of time. So try again to send your snail mail address to me

Steve.keen at

As for why you are told the message is too long, try typing a
carriage-return at the end of each line of 60 or so characters,
rather than relying on "word wrap"--if that is what you were doing.
I found out a while ago that a VAX only handles lines of less than
100 characters--meaning strings with 100 characters followed by
a line-feed or end-of-line character. That is my guess as to where
the "message too long" error came from.

Steve Keen


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