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Wed Sep 14 18:20:50 MDT 1994

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 12:58:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Sam D Fassbinder <sfassbin at>
Subject: RE: marxism
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1) My error in misquoting Stephen Grossman to Philip Goldstein.  I apologize.

At this stage in history, i cannot forgive you. Wait for the next dialectical

2) Academic commodification really is a problem.  The academic bourgeoisie
have made the word "Marx" their own, for the sake of looking hip --

thats a disgusting image

>a recent
>HARPER'S cites Marx as the most often-cited author in the humanities.

date, article?

>Now don't tell me that ALL of those people are Marxists!

Why not? Or, given the dominant Pragmatist opposition to system, they value an
intellectual chaos of ideas. Stalin knew how to deal with running dog
revisionists like these! As Lenin said, "Better fewer, but better."

>3) I really hate to see Marxists pretend they live outside of the influences
>of capital.  Being in a university is a job, like any other job under
>capitalism, and within the university one experiences the alienation of one's

So a good Marxist lectures for free and begs on streetcorners at night?


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