Sam D Fassbinder sfassbin at
Wed Sep 14 21:58:54 MDT 1994

>3) I really hate to see Marxists pretend they live outside of the influences
>of capital.  Being in a university is a job, like any other job under
>capitalism, and within the university one experiences the alienation of

So a good Marxist lectures for free and begs on streetcorners at night?

My response:  Of course not.  I am simply not interested in the "Critical
Criticism" variety of Marxism common to universities that pretends that it is
outside of capitalism, so that it can abstract from Marx in order to make a
fetish of abstraction.

2) Academic commodification really is a problem.  The academic bourgeoisie
have made the word "Marx" their own, for the sake of looking hip --

thats a disgusting image

My response: You are invited to OSU's biweekly farce titled "Marxist Pizza"
(at the "Street Scene," 13th and High Streets, Columbus OH) where everyone
pretends to have read Marx already.

>a recent
>HARPER'S cites Marx as the most often-cited author in the humanities.

date, article?

My response: Harper's index, very recently.

1) My error in misquoting Stephen Grossman to Philip Goldstein.  I apologize.

At this stage in history, i cannot forgive you. Wait for the next dialectical

My response: I don't have to forgive you for your asinine comments, either.


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