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Thu Sep 15 12:44:55 MDT 1994

Date: Thu, 15 Sep 1994 00:10:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Sam D Fassbinder <sfassbin at>
Subject: RE: marxism

>>>Now don't tell me that ALL of those people are Marxists!

>>Why not? Or, given the dominant Pragmatist opposition to system, they value
>>intellectual chaos of ideas. Stalin knew how to deal with running dog
>>revisionists like these! As Lenin said, "Better fewer, but better."

>My response: most of them are interested in quoting Marx, in my opinion, to
>theoretically buttress paper topics, dissertations etc. (especially in the>
>humanities and to a certain extent in the social sciences too) in order t>o
>get ahead in the academic system, because the declining value of a degree> on
>the job market gives people the idea that to get a valuable degree they m>ust
>get more degrees.

I think they really value Marx, tho Pragmatically, as well as play the
academic game. After all, they could play the game with other quotes. After
all, you claim that Marxism has a certain  cachet (is this what Gramsci
meant?!) in academia.

>I am criticizing such pragmatist marxism for it>s
>irrelevance, not its "revisionism."

But revisionism was unsystematic sopcialism and Pragmatism is anti-system.


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