Positive side to anti-LTV case

Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU
Sun Sep 18 02:26:06 MDT 1994

Re "djones"'s comment that:

I am just finishing a wonderful book by Frank Furedi, Mythical Past,
Elusive Future. In one of the most satisfying books which I have read in a
long time Furedi very eloquently discusses  Steve's skepticism (which as
Furedi notes is shared by both the Right and the "left") towards the
capacity of people to act collectively and rationally--at a social
level--towards progressive ends.  It seems that Juan had already sensed
that historical thinking, progress,  reason, and the concept of science
were at the center of his debate with Steve.

I am not sceptical about people's ability to work together towards
progressive ends. What I am sceptical is that any group can control
what will eventuate out of such drastic, "discontinuous", change
as a revolution.

My approach emphasises reform, with an "evolutionary" focus, and
an awareness that small changes can have immense ramifications over

Steve Keen


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