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This came up in the deleuze-guattari list.  Any "economists with
imagination" out there?


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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 94 19:59 GMT
Subject: capital


Can anyone recommend anything on Capital/economics, or does anyone want to
discuss these topics. I'm after something that uses an image of capital as
an autonomous creation, a form of non-rational artificial intelligence
(unconscious drives rather than the usual cartesian rational reasoning
processes), something analogue to the state (another non-rational entity
artificially created that is now outside the control of one particular
individual or group of individuals).

I'm not after specifically deleuze-guattari although such references would
obviously be of interest . . .  is there a wider discussion? . . . economists
with imagination?! . . .

If you know of any other lists that could help please forward this message.


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