Marxist Economics?

Jeff Popke EJPOPK00 at
Fri Sep 23 07:14:28 MDT 1994

Not to be obnoxious, but does anyone else feel like this has become the Marxist
ECONOMICS list?  Have we forced Stephen Grossman and Louis Proyect from the
list - who at least prompted interesting discussions of politics/praxis?

Now, I admit that I don't have the technical knowledge to contribute to the
ongoing discussions between Steve Keen, Juan Indio, et al.  Nor am I
particularly interested in what amounts to an internal critique of bourgeois
economics.  Perhaps someone could intimate what notion of politics lies at the
base of this particular construction of knowledge/reality?  How in fact are we
to use these statistical manipulations to further our understanding of
contemporary conditions of power and expolitation?  Seems to me that for Marx,
such things were a means to an end, rather than what Foucault might call an
episteme of truth/power/knowledge.
                                  Jeff Popke


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