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Mark:  the project you described on the marxism list sounds really
interesting, and I think your thesis sounds pretty on-target.  I don't
know much about paperback distribution per se, but there is probably quite
a bit published on it in the mass comm journals -- probably not as
"theoretically informed" as what you find in most cultural studies work,
but definitely historically informed.  Check _Critical Studies in Mass.
Comm_ or _journal of Communication_, or check the index to journals in
communication studies for citations.  As for gov docs, I'm not sure which
ones you are looking for but don't be intimidated -- once you know what
you need to find, gov-docs is probably the easiest part of the library to
find your way around in (except maybe the law library).  The nice thing
about anal bureaucrats is they keep everything organized....  The best
thing to do is start with an important date (a major speech or decision
that you are interested in) and then chack the relevant sources for around
that date (_Weekly compilation of Presidential Documents_, for example, if
you want President speeches; _Congressional Record_ for debates in
congress, etc.) In terms of cold war culture stuff, I've done a lot of
work in this area, and would strongly recommend Paul Boyer's _By the
Bomb's Early Light_ which is chock full of references to mass culture at
the dawn of the cold war -- films, popular songs, advertisements,
cartoons, even paperbacks....  (You'll probably want to add the bomb into
your thesis after reading that, if you haven't already).  Beyond that,
_Nuclear Fear_ is really good too; I forget the author.  Also, if you
haven't seen the film _Atomic Cafe_ (basically a pastiche of early cold
war propaganda and popular culture), you should check it out.  Good luck!
Ben Attias


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