Marxist Economics?

Gregory Chaplin boodgrc at
Sat Sep 24 02:23:43 MDT 1994

>On Fri, 23 Sep 1994, Jeff Popke wrote:
>> Not to be obnoxious, but does anyone else feel like this has become the
>> ECONOMICS list?

>Is this relative silence to say that Marxism is bankrupt in the

Fool, it says nothing of the sort.  Rather it merely points to the fact
that REAL humanities people have something worth while to do--that is
rather that wank with each other on the FLACID "Marxist newsgroup": like,
say, the want-to-be "marxist" losers that just talk alot of silly,
mastibitory goop on this group.  "I'm a poser, a poser I say": and they
can't even write descent english prose.  Stallybrass would laugh at them.
"I'm on the Flacid Poser Maxist Group, woopi, woopi": you're all pathetic
fools.  Didn't Marx say something about "the point of Marxism is not to
mastribate on e-mail, but figure out how to mastribate in the world (and
change it)"? "Doop, doop, I learned about Marx from autotaps while driving
to work at UPS, doop, doop--I no more than most marxists": It's true, fool.

I'm drunked


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