Positive side to anti-LTV case

Paul W. Cockshott cockshpw at wfu.edu
Mon Sep 26 07:05:37 MDT 1994

On Sat, 24 Sep 1994 Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU wrote:

> it makes we wonder whether the Internet is a time warp, and I'm corresponding
> with someone in the 19th Century.
> For a start, I didn't deny the possibility of change--or even the evolution
> of capitalism into something qualitatively different and superior. But that
> process, if ever it occurs, will be in general gradual. Surely the experiences
> of the 20th century at drastic social change--experiences which seem to post-
> date your experience of the world--should at least make one sceptical about
> the chances for bringing about a better society by violent change. Your
> confidence that good will come of such change is breathtaking in its denial
> of recent human experience.
This depends entirely upon ones class viewpoint. If you adopt the
viewpoint of the newly triumphant world bourgoisie then of
course the answer is self evident - revolution was a terrible
disaster. This was not the view of the millions of soviet workers
who fought fascism to defend socialism. It was not their view then
and it is not the view of that generation now. To steve brought
up in a western industrial capitalist state in the hight of the cold
war it may be self evident that socialism was a disaster, that was
not the view of the class that built and defended it.


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