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Mon Sep 26 08:08:33 MDT 1994

On Mon, 26 Sep 1994, Philip Goldstein wrote:

> If language in this broad sense enables a
> society to reproduce itself -- its traditions, conventions, rituals,
> identity, language cannot simply reflect a pre-existent reality, and if
> we dismiss this constitutive view of language as idealist, we ignore the
> very real place of language, culture, or art in social reproduction. Few
> people responded to my diatribe about intellectuals, but, if this view of
> culture is right, then intellectuals, who run schools, the media,
> political organizations, the government, etc., become important because
> they maintain the rituals and structures which make culture a social
> force.

Intellectuals are so vain. Who pays their salaries? Who funds their
thinktanks? Who owns the media? Who controls the foundations that tell
us how our schools, welfare programs, etc. need to be reformed? People
who don't play along with the reproduction game are quickly outplaced.


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