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Is there any confirmation of this 800 number?  A lot of this kind of stuff is
netfolklore.  I'd like to use it, but am afraid it might actually be some
left organization's number.

Date: 9/25/94 6:07 PM
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>From: Forum on Labor in the Global Economy on Thu, Sep 22, 1994 9:46 PM
>Subject: Call DC for Free-  1-800-768-2221
>You can call Capitol Hill to tell your Congressperson or Senator what you
>think AND charge the religious right for your call.
>Far-right Traditional Values Coalition leader Rev. Lou Sheldon paid for a
>toll-free number so anti-gay supporters could call congressional members
>and express their political views.
>Well, progressives can use the same number and give the opposite views
>directly to DC.  The 1-800-768-2221 phone number connects you directly to
>Capitol Hill.
>Spread this post and the phone number as far as possible.  Let's make
>some calls and push up the phone bill for the religious right.
>*****    Nathan Newman:  newman at  *******

robt mcdonell

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