marxian economics

Andy Daitsman Andrew.Daitsman at
Tue Sep 27 07:52:59 MDT 1994

Phil Goldstein writes:

 What both Henwood
>and the right don't recognize is that, since the 1860's or 1870's, when
>the sciences finally found a place in the university, the ruling elites
>have been forced to allow professional groupings and associations to
>establish their own criteria of merit. These criteria of merit are often
>shockingly biased but, at least on the surface, they seek to allow
>differences of opinion, perspective, and outlook provided that the
>criteria are met. In other words, academics at a university or a college
>have some independence -- thinktanks, foundations, etc., are another

Hmmm.  Sounds like relative autonomy to me.  Any comments, Phil?

Andy Daitsman


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