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Andy Daitsman Andrew.Daitsman at
Tue Sep 27 09:29:27 MDT 1994

>ANdy Daitsman Wrote:
>"sounds like relative autonomy to me," in reference to freedoms associated
>to private groups and associations.
>Gramsci, Prison Notebooks, shows that difference of opinion, and its
>appearance, is not autonomy.

Yeah, but it doesn't look to me like Phil is talking just about simple
differences of opinion.  As I understood him, intellectuals within academia
help define culture, and culture in turn helps define the social formation.
So the institutional independence of academia from direct control by the
bourgeoisie (one of Phil's positions in his debate with Doug) can allow
intellectuals to define culture in ways that contradict the interests of a
sector or even the entirety of the bourgeoisie.  In other words, relative

Andy Daitsman


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