Hayek, USSR, and All that.. (fwd)

wesley david cecil wcecil at ucs.indiana.edu
Tue Sep 27 23:15:39 MDT 1994

On Wed, 28 Sep 1994, Spoon wrote:

>           The Russian revolution created, for a few short years, the most
> democratic society since primitive communism.  As much as you might like
> to,
> you can't wish away the reality of the Soviets.
This is a direct response to this quote, but also to a general tendency I
have noted in discussions on this list to valorize all things
democratic.  It is awfully clear that Marx was not a big fan of
democracy, that the U.S. is both a fully functioning democracy and a
repressive/exploitative society, and that any imagined overthrow of
international capitalism is going to have to involve crushing the middle
class values which support the democratic system.


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