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> It seems, in academia at least, that the
> >degree of relative autonomy is a function of distance from the economics
> >and politics departments; they keep the Marxoids in English where they
> >can do no serious harm.
> Hey, wait a minute!  I'm in the history department, and I teach classes on
> politics!  (Mock horror dissembled)
> Hmmm.  Maybe I'm not a Marxoid... but then, what am I?

Hey, our economics department is one of the nation's best departments
for teaching heterodox economic theory (more mock horror).  We have
several left leaning faculty (in fact the left out-ranks the
neoclassical contingent in this department) not the least of whom is
E. K. Hunt, a great orthodox marxist and labor theorist; and our
graduate political economy seminars are entirely Marxian Political
Economy in content.  BTW, being new to this list I'm not quite sure
what a "Marxoid" is.  Could someone fill me in?

P.S.  I'm currently reading "No Ivory Tower: McCarthyism in the
Universities."  Any thoughts, criticisms, or plaudits relating to the

Scott Mc Nabb
Department of Economics
University of Utah

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