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Wed Sep 28 09:22:23 MDT 1994

On Wed, 28 Sep 1994, SCOTT MCNABB wrote:

> Hey, our economics department is one of the nation's best departments
> for teaching heterodox economic theory (more mock horror).  We have
> several left leaning faculty (in fact the left out-ranks the
> neoclassical contingent in this department) not the least of whom is
> E. K. Hunt, a great orthodox marxist and labor theorist; and our
> graduate political economy seminars are entirely Marxian Political
> Economy in content.  BTW, being new to this list I'm not quite sure
> what a "Marxoid" is.  Could someone fill me in?
Yeah, Utah's one of those, what is it, 5 or so economics departments where
the unusual is usual. Out of 3,601 colleges and universities in the US in
1991, 2,157 of them 4-year?

I used Marxoid as a jokey way of saying Marxian, i.e. someone strongly
influenced by Marx, to avoid the doctrinal straitjacket of calling someone
a MarxIST.


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