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Thu Sep 29 03:56:52 MDT 1994

| Hey, our economics department is one of the nation's best departments
| for teaching heterodox economic theory (more mock horror).  We have
| several left leaning faculty (in fact the left out-ranks the
| neoclassical contingent in this department)

Our own economics dept., at UMass-Amherst, as many will know, is
populated MOSTLY by Marxists of one stripe or another.  The main
axes are the Bowles-Gintis one, and the Wolff-Resnick one.  For
those in the know, these could hardly be more different.  But the
debates are pretty much between the groups of Marxists, with no one
much being interested in neo-classical stuff.  The journal
_Rethinking Marxism_ also is centered around the UMass econ dept.
(it's complex to say where the journal is, of course, having editors
scattered geographically and disciplinarily).  Just a data point,
not sure what it means for the Althusser-Gramsci debate on relative
autonomy (at least that's a different post).

Yours, Lulu...

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