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Subject: How to join 1-union mailing list.

Here is how to become a member of the 1-union mailing list.

=========== Start of 1-union Subscription Instructions ===================

To subscribe send the message:
        SUBSCRIBE 1-union <Your First Name> <Your Last Name>
without a subject line to listserv at

To actually post to the group mail is sent to 1-union at When you join
some more detailed documentation is mailed to you.

=========== End of 1-union Subscription Instructions ===================

Most of the discussion on the list is oriented around a revolutionary
syndicalist conception of social change; although there is a loyal
pro-parliamentary opposition.

Almost all conceive of our goal as socialism. Implicit in most of our
thinking is that socialism has not been implemented yet (sorry CPers).

The main allegiances seem to be to the IWA, the IWW, the DeLeonist groupings
and other unaffiliated leftists.

If you have any cogent comments on "socialism from bellow" feel free to


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