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OK, this is #2 of the 5 or so. Anyone from Riverside, New School,
American, or maybe even Notre Dame?

Only about 3000 to go.


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On Thu, 29 Sep 1994, Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters wrote:

> | Hey, our economics department is one of the nation's best departments
> | for teaching heterodox economic theory (more mock horror).  We have
> | several left leaning faculty (in fact the left out-ranks the
> | neoclassical contingent in this department)
> Our own economics dept., at UMass-Amherst, as many will know, is
> populated MOSTLY by Marxists of one stripe or another.  The main
> axes are the Bowles-Gintis one, and the Wolff-Resnick one.  For
> those in the know, these could hardly be more different.  But the
> debates are pretty much between the groups of Marxists, with no one
> much being interested in neo-classical stuff.  The journal
> _Rethinking Marxism_ also is centered around the UMass econ dept.
> (it's complex to say where the journal is, of course, having editors
> scattered geographically and disciplinarily).  Just a data point,
> not sure what it means for the Althusser-Gramsci debate on relative
> autonomy (at least that's a different post).
> Yours, Lulu...
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