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Thu Sep 29 11:10:16 MDT 1994

** re. my mention of my local UMass econ dept., Doug Henwood writes:
| OK, this is #2 of the 5 or so. Anyone from Riverside, New School,
| American, or maybe even Notre Dame?
| Only about 3000 to go.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but these five or so are major
(and fairly well ranked) universities.  There certainly aren't 3000
such schools in the US, more like 50 or 75.  If you were to look
through all the econ dept's of all the little colleges with 3 member
departments, you would probably scare up a few extra Marxists (not
necessarily published or prominent), hence bringing the total to
more than five.

Still, one can hardly argue that Marxists do not make up a fairly
small minority of academic economists in the US.  But, then again,
I'm not sure you'd actually find any higher proportion of Marxists
in a search through the American labor movement.  Any Marxists out
there in the AFL-CIO?!  I know a few (actually, I'm one myself as a
UAW member), but we haven't exactly made quorum there either.  One
could push Henwood's implicit argument only just a little bit to
arrive at the conclusion that the labor-movement exists only to
serve the interest of Capital.

Yours, Lulu...

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