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Those of you who read my previous post on Tony Smith's *Marx's
Logic...*, please take note that for some reason my e-mail is
freezing and cutting off pieces, this is why my last post so
quickly ended.  I will try to send a completed summary and
interpretation of Smith's text.

I will simply note here that once Smith establishes the grounds for a
systematic Hegelian reading of *Capital* his task is to argue that
Marx indeed got the dialectical logic right, and defend Marx's
critique of capitalism against Hegel's conservative dialectical
analysis in *Philosophy of Right*.  The different conculsions of
Hegel and Marx is not to be found in simply asserting that Hegel sold
himself out to the Monarch or German Hierarchy conservativeism, as
most the Young Hegelians maintain, e.g., as Engles proclaimed, but
instead it is in their employment of the dialectical logic itself.
This BTW is very much supported by Bhaskar see chapter 6 of *Plato
Etc.* 1994; or chapter 1 of *Dialectics* 1993.

According to Smith the difference in conculsion is to be found in
first, Hegel's view that the Market is provides for Self-
determination and Freedom, hence, he employs the "Logic" of his book
of "Notion" whereby there is "unity in difference" and potential for
further human emanicpation.  Marx sees the Freedom of the market as a
double-edged sword, whereby Self-determination has already been lost
within the production process and labor market, i.e., capital is
dominant over wage-labor.  Hence, Marx's employ the "Logic" of
Hegel's book of "Essence," because there is a "Difference" in the
logic of capitalism which is another way of saying capital is above
and dominants human beings.

More to follow.

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