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I think if the USSR has been coordinated and interrelated, not dominated
by the Communist Party, it could have survived and even could have been
much more flourished.


On Thu, 30 Mar 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> Ron Press wrote:
> >I submit that the birth of the USSR took place in the midst of the
> >chaos of the first world war. This gave rise to the system of
> >Soviets. This was also unique for it's time. The abandonment of
> >the Soviet system and it's transformation into the dictatorship of
> >the party (it was supposed to be the proletariat) lead to the
> >ultimate disaster of recent years.
> One could equally argue that it was the transformation of the
> soviet system to one in which the soviets were dominated by the
> communist party ( the soviets of course continued to exist ),
> was what enabled the soviet union to survive and transform
> itself into a socialist industrial state.
> I think that the idea of a soviet republic without communist
> party domination, whilst possible, is unlikely to be long lived.
> Wherever soviets have been dominated by other parties, bourgeois
> rule either survived or returned.
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