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 > I think if the USSR has been coordinated and interrelated, not dominated
 > by the Communist Party, it could have survived and even could have been
 > much more flourished.
 > Regards,
 > Thian.

Yes. It occurs to me that democratic centralism was a particularly
efficient form of party organisation for fighting autocracy and fascism,
in the material technological conditions of the first half of the
twentieth century. It's that old economic base again!

The Zapatistas have now added, so the rumours say, humour and the Internet
to their weapons.

As a thought experiment I wonder what would happen if the Communist Party
of China equiped all its branch secretaries with modems. Certainly it is
determined enough to survive and willing to consider many stratagems to
that end.

Since  some department of the CPC is almost certainly recording this
list, it might just be something more than a thought experiment....

It is nice to hear you calling in from your time zone, Thian.


Chris Burford

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