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Mon Apr 3 13:38:36 MDT 1995

At 1:49 PM 4/3/95, Justin Schwartz wrote:

>Daoug Henwood asks, in response to Dave Schweickart's claim that socialism
>must use markets, for more precision in defining markets. That's a
>reasonable question, but in fairness to Dave he has written a longish book
>making a lot of distinctions--see his _Against Capitalism_ (Cambridge
>1994), or for briefer versions a number of papers he's written summarizing
>his view, e.g. in the 1992 Special Issue of the _Review of Radical
>Political Economics_ on The Future of Socialism.

Thanks for the refs. Mine was more of a general complaint, though - I hear
the word "market" used all the time by all manner of people and I'm not
sure what they mean by it. I'm not sure they even know what they mean. I do
have that ish of the RRPE and will dig it out though.



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